Bosco's Biscuits

Bosco’s Biscuits are baked fresh for your pet every day with all-natural ingredients. Bosco’s Biscuits are preservative and by-product free, with no added sugar, salt or gluten. Of course, Bosco and his little brother Simba have tested every flavor before going to market. The treats are genuinely certified German Short-Haired Pointer and Yellow Lab approved!

  • Bacon & Cheese Men
  • Peanut Butter Bears
  • Lamb & Rice Patties
  • Chicken Liver Snaps
  • Turkey Trot Treats
  • Pretzel
  • Bison Moons
  • Breath Mint Bones
  • Big Beef Bones
  • Beef & Garlic Bones
  • Beef Stars
  • Beef Liver Snaps
  • Venison 
  • Oat Butterflies
  • Chicken & Rice Dinos
  • Carob & Oat Angels

Keep Bosco’s Biscuits fresh by storing them in a Dry, Cool Place. They may be kept in a treat jar as long as the moisture has dried out of them, or you may refrigerate or freeze them in any other container. Remember they are preservative-free and bone-a-fide delicious!